Sunday, March 28, 2010

Get To Know Us [:

I am Veronica! I love food with all of my heart and would do anything for it. I have great friends and I would probably die without them. They keep me going and always give me good advice when I need it. I want to complete this list, no matter how impossible it may seem, because I want to live life to it's fullest. Some people say, "Oh I want to live forever," but that's not me. I am going to do what I can while I still have the time. I am short but very courageous! Don't underestimate me. I love trying new things, smiling, laughing, puffins, and tree octopi! :D

I am Emma and I enjoy life as it is. I take what it gives me, and know that whenever it throws something tough my way, life is really complimenting me on my strength. I can get through almost anything with a little help from my friends. I enjoy roller coasters, the feeling of butterflies in my stomach, and any kind of food. Oh, not to mention I like spending time with a variety of people daily. I am a bit of a perfectionist, and I try too hard sometimes. I do not have very high expectations for other people, but I keep the ones for myself quite high. I smile and laugh almost every second of my life. I hear it makes you live longer. I love talking to people and this bucket list of /ours/ is something I hope to accomplish within my lifetime. :D